RPC+ is a trauma-intensive workshop for caregivers of foster, kin, and adopted children. 

This workshop combines two different curricula: Resource Parent Curriculum (RPC) from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and Trauma Informed Parenting Skills (TIPS).

Resource Parent Curriculum (RPC) educates caregivers about the impact of trauma on the development, emotions and behaviors of the children in their care; guides parents in improving their relationship with their children and their ability to manage challenging emotions and behaviors.

RPC+ will provide a safe space for caregivers to access compassionate training, learn concrete strategies, enhance relationships with their children and build a network of support and connections with fellow caregivers. Children will have the opportunity to spend time with their peers in a supportive and enriching environment designed to increase emotional regulation and a sense of competency.

RPC+ Components:

RPC+ Caregiver Workshop – A 10 week long (2.5 hour/class) workshop for foster, kin and adoptive parents of children who have experienced trauma.

RPC+ for Kids – Concurrent Children’s Groups will be run by the local mental health agency. The groups will incorporate neuro biological (“patterned, repetitive rhythmic somatosensory”) activities such as drumming, therapeutic art/music, yoga, dance and/or mediation to increase competency and improve self regulation.

RPC+ Ongoing Support – Planned (non-crisis) check-ins will be available upon caregiver completion of the workshop for up to two months.

NCTSN Resource Parent Curriculum Information

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