Advanced FSD Workforce Training

Throughout the year Advanced workshops are offered to Family Services staff and community partners. Topics are rotated on a bi-annual basis to meet the needs of staff who are required to obtain 50 hours of on-going educational training over a five year period.

Advanced Training topics include:

Safety Focused Practice Series

  • Family Safety Planning 101
  • Family Safety Planning Advanced
  • Case Planning for Behavior Change
  • Engaging Children & Youth in planning for safety- the Safety House
  • Building and Monitoring Effective Safety Plans
  • Structured Decision Making training

Child Protection Practice Strategies

  • Screening and Assessment Skills and Strategies
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Engagement Skills and Strategies
  • Advanced Practice in Child Safety Interventions
  • Normalcy & Prudent Parenting
  • Placement Practice – Interstate Compact Placement for Children & Residential  Placements       

Child Abuse and Neglect Series

  • Child Development
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Working with youth who sexually harm
  • Chronic Neglect/Risk of Harm

Co-Occurring and Contextual Risk Series

  • Substance Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Mental Health
  • Cognitive and Developmental Challenges
  • Human Trafficking
  • Poverty

Staff Safety and Well-Being

  • Safety in the Field
  • Self Defense
  • Advanced Communication Strategies
  • Self-Care in the face of trauma
  • Vicarious Trauma

Court and Legal Skills and Practice

  • Risk Reassessment and Casework Decision-Making
  • Legal Permanence – Planning for Reunification/Planning for TPR

Youth Assessments

  • Intro to Youth Assessments (elearning & one-day learning network)
  • Youth Assessment Screening Instrument
  • Youth Assessment Screening Instrument Refresher with supervisor component         

Youth Justice Training

  • 8-day Hearings                                                                 
  • Harm Reduction                                                                           
  • Rapport Building with Youth                                                                               
  • Restorative Practice in Family Systems

State Wide Conferences

  • Youth Justice Summit      
  • Family Services Division Conference

Workforce Team Contacts

The non-degree programs of the Vermont CWTP are housed in Mann Hall on the Trinity Campus of the University of Vermont.

Administrative Support:
Emma Baird, MS, can be reached at 802-656-3376

Jessica Strolin, PhD

Associate Director:
Sarah Ward, LICSW

Team Lead:
Jill Richard, M.Ed

Training Coordinators:
Janine Beaudry, MSW

Pete Cudney, LICSW

Kate Cunningham, MS

Cassie Gillespie, MSW 

Tabitha Pohl-Moore, LMFT