The Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership strives to develop and support leaders across the VT Department for Children & Families. 


Leadership Training Series

This Series is for FSD Leaders-Future Leaders, Supervisors, Directors and Managers.

There will be a site on Moodle for leaders to access the training requirements for their position, available trainings provided by AHS and FSD (CWTP),  links to best practice articles, webinars, trainings offered outside of AHS and FSD and go to meetings.
Information/material will be provided to leaders through on-line-self directed and instructor led courses, Specialized Workshops/Trainings, Take the Lead Series, Four Leadership Learning Circles, Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS) and Leadership Academy for Middle Managers (LAMM)

Overview of Leadership Program for FSD Leaders ~ Future Leaders, Supervisors, Directors and Managers

On Moodle~ for FSD Leaders (Future Leaders, Supervisors, Directors and Managers)

  • AHS and FSD requirements –policy, performance evaluations (Staff, Supervisors, Managers and Directors) and competencies
  • Supervising in State Government-AHS-DCF courses-link
  • CWTP scheduled trainings, classroom and -on-line/Leadership Learning Circles/Coaching Calls for Leaders that are available for FSD Leaders-link
  • Readings/articles/go to meetings/webnairs-link to NCWWI
  • Take the Lead Series-Complimentary material for LAS graduates-self directed
  • Coaching information
  • Training requirements for FSD staff and link to trainings

When: Site available October/November 2016

Reflective and Transformative Supervision  (Specialized Workshop)                                

Time: 5 hrs

Format: Classroom

Content: This one day workshop is designed for Managers, Directors, Supervisors and Future Leaders in child and family work and will explore the meaning of transformative supervision, and techniques and ways of achieving this. Fully interactive, this day is an opportunity to reflect on and enhance supervisory practice along with exploring and reinforcing the idea of supervisors as leaders and shapers of practice

Presenter: Nicki Weld

Coordination: CWTP                                                                                      

When: September 22, 2016                                                                           

Competencies: Leading People


Leadership Learning Circle- The Supervisor’s Role in Working with Serious Physical Abuse Cases

Time: 3 hrs

Format: Classroom

Content: A deep dive into a Serious Physical abuse case examining the values, policies, skills and actions needed.

Presenter(s): FSD Supervisors and Managers and CWTP

Coordination: CWTP

When: October 14, 2016
Competencies:  Leading Change/ Leading in Context /Leading People

FSD Orientation for Leaders-Supervisors and Directors- Budget, Collaboration and Partnering within FSD and Using Data to Improve Outcomes and Managing Others –specifics to FSD

Time: 3 hrs

Format: On line

Content: Designed in collaboration with FSD & CWTP

Presenters: FSD staff –Heather McLean, Jim Forbes, Dianne Jabar, ICPC, Brenda Gooley

Coordination: CWTP

Competencies: Leading People and Leading for Results

When:  December /January 2017      



Leadership Learning Circle ~Developing your Team and Group Supervision Skills (Learning Circle or Specialized Training)                                                                              Time:5 hrs

Format: Classroom

Content: Designed by topic requested

Presenters: DCF Staff and Subject Expert (UVM) (Heather Meitner  and crew?)

Coordination: CWTP

Competencies: Leading People

When: February 2017


Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS)

Time: 50 hrs

Format: Online- and LASLN Classroom

Presenters: Suzanne and Kate C with experienced Supervisors who have been through LAS-they could help lead the LASLN;

Coordination: CWTP

Competencies: Leading People, Leading Change, Leading for Results; Leading in Context

When: 2 times: March-July;  and August-December or September-January

Leadership for Middle Managers (LAMM)

Time: 50 hours

Format: On line and Classroom

When: January 2018


The Supervisor as Coach~Coaching Calls

On -going


Leadership Learning Circles

June 2017 and then September 2017


Take the Lead Series-Complimentary material for LAS graduates-self directed



Workforce Team Contacts

The non-degree programs of the Vermont CWTP are housed in Mann Hall on the Trinity Campus of the University of Vermont.

Administrative Support:
Emma Baird, MS, can be reached at 802-656-3376

Jessica Strolin, PhD

Associate Director:
Sarah Ward, LICSW

Team Lead:
Jill Richard, M.Ed

Training Coordinators:
Janine Beaudry, MSW

Pete Cudney, LICSW

Kate Cunningham, MS

Cassie Gillespie, MSW 

Tabitha Pohl-Moore, LMFT