Overview of the Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership

The Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership between The University of Vermont’s Department of Social Work and The State of Vermont’s Department for Children and Families (DCF) was established in 1993 to improve the quality of child welfare practice in Vermont by providing social work education and training to current and future employees of DCF . Through its degree program, the partnership offers traineeships to support MSW and BSW students who are interested in a career in child welfare. The non-degree program provides training for DCF staff who work with children and families, and to Vermont kinship, foster and adoptive parents. In addition, the partnership supports faculty research related to the overall mission of the two projects.

Funding for this partnership is provided through Title IV-E of the Social Security Act and the University of Vermont and through separate grants and contracts.

Specifically the Partnership offers:

  • Educational preparation and traineeship support at the BSW and MSW levels
  • In-service staff training and development for child welfare and interdisciplinary personnel
  • Planning, coordination, delivery, & evaluation of training and educational materials and activities
  • Technical assistance for program design, implementation, development, evaluation, research & policy formulation
  • Collaboration & coalition assistance building for culturally-sensitive, community-centered child and family practice
  • Training/Workshops/Institutes Policy development
  • Grant writing assistance
  • Academic and training curriculum development
  • Student engagement through placements, assignments, volunteer activities, mentoring
  • Cross training with other UVM Departments, colleges, universities and training institutes and Vermont agencies and government departments

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