Family Time Coaching (FTC)

Family Time Coaching is a highly skilled, primary intervention service designed to help the parent learn to identify and meet their children’s needs. Family time coaches develop, through training and practice, a set of parenting coaching skills. There is clinical oversight of the coaches that supports the identification of a child’s needs and intervention with the parent aimed at helping them learn how to meet their child’s needs. A parent must be ready to engage and benefit from this intervention. This is a time limited service. If a parent is demonstrating new skills, they move beyond this primary intervention. If they are not demonstrating new skills, the service is not having the desired outcome and is discontinued. FTC is not necessary or appropriate for all family time – for instance, if family time is happening 5 days per week, it is not appropriate for all that time to be coached. Natural supports and foster parent/kin caregiver support may augment the parent-child contact plan, and the family time plan should encompass all aspects of contact. Please refer to the Family Time Guidelines for more in-depth guidance regarding the Family Time Coaching model.