DCF Partnership

About the Family Services Workforce Partnership:

The Vermont Child Welfare Training Program partners with representatives from all levels of the Family Services Division (FSD) to continuously grow and adapt the professional development program to meet the changing needs of FSD staff. We provide a comprehensive professional development program which:

  • Integrates divisional mission, practice model, policy, quality assurance and program improvement processes;
  • Meets departmental needs for regional training available through the year;
  • Provides opportunities for teams to be trained and coached with their supervisors in best and emerging practices, so that supervisors can support workers to implement skills and knowledge in their practice;
  • Utilizes various delivery methods, including videos, interactive internet-based, webinars, formal coaching relationships and workshops;
  • Focuses on building specific competency based skills for engaging, assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring and closure with children, youth and families;
  • Builds system capacity through organizational consulting, mentoring, team building and leadership development;
  • Progresses from basic orientation, foundational knowledge through advanced skills and knowledge in child welfare and youth justice practice.

About the Kin, Foster & Adoptive Families Program:

The Kin, Foster and Adoptive Family (KFAF) training team collaborates with the Vermont DCF Family Services Division, community partners and caregivers to strengthen the caregiver system for children, youth and families by providing high quality, trauma informed, family-centered, interculturally responsive training, resources and supports.

Timely and relevant training is essential for placement stability, increased retention of caregivers and overall well-being of both children/youth and caregivers within our child welfare system. This is particularly critical for kinship, foster, and adoptive caregivers who are working to meet the needs of children who have experienced trauma and/or significant loss. Training also offers the opportunity for caregivers to connect with each other on the journey to becoming more confident and competent kin, foster and adoptive parents.