Foundations training series of online and in person classes designed for Vermont kinship and foster caregivers.  All licensed kinship and foster caregivers are required to take Foundations. 


From the comfort of your own home or community library you will learn at your own pace.  Learning modules will help you to better prepare for your new role as a kinship or non-relative foster parent. 

Required topic areas include:

  • Residential Licensing and Special Investigations (RLSI)
  • Your New Role
  • Respecting Difference
  • Trauma
  • Tools for Working with Children and Youth
  • System/Permanency
  • Kinship Awareness—for the kinship caregiver

FOUNDATIONS Learning Networks:

After you complete Foundations Online, you’ll be enrolled in an in-person or online/virtual Foundations Learning Networks. In this learning opportunity, you will join with others across the state to deepen your trauma-informed learning and caregiver skills. This is an excellent time to network with other kin and foster caregivers while sharing experiences and learning. You have one year from the date of licensure to complete this course, although you are strongly encouraged to complete it as soon as you’ve completed Foundations Online.

Training Requirements for Licensed Caregivers

The Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership will guide you on your journey to becoming a kin or foster caregiver.  Select the infographic for a downloadable version o the requirements.