Foundations training series of online and in person classes designed for Vermont kinship and foster caregivers.  All licensed kinship and foster caregivers are required to take Foundations.

Online series:

From the comfort of your own home or community library you will learn at your own pace.  Learning modules will help you to better prepare for your new role as a kinship or non-relative foster parent.  Required topic areas include:

  • Residential Licensing and Special Investigations (RLSI)
  • Your New Role
  • Respecting Difference
  • Trauma
  • Tools for Working with Children and Youth
  • System/Permanency
  • Kinship Awareness—for the kinship caregiver

Elective topic areas include:

  • Working with Transitional Youth
  • Human Trafficking and Commercial Exploitation of Children
  • Exposure to Domestic violence




Learning Networks:

Join with other kinship and foster parents from your own community in a classroom style setting to deepen your learning and build skills that will help you to be better prepared to take care of a child or youth with a trauma history. Each Learning Network series consists of three, three hours sessions that are offered four times per year in each district.