This blog is a forum for kinship, foster, and adoptive families to share with one another.  It is also a place to learn about current resources, support, educational opportunities, and topics that are relevant to your experience.

Voices at the Table was created by the Child Welfare Training Partnership (CWTP), a collaboration between the University of Vermont and the Vermont Department for Children and Families.

Voices at the table BLOG link

Department for Children and Families, Family Services Division Website

FSD District Office Contact Information

Family Services Division Mission:
We work with families and communities to make sure children and youth are safe from abuse, their basic needs are met, they abide by the law, and their families are supported to achieve these goals.

This website has links to useful forms, policies, foster and adoption FAQs and much, much more.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network Resources

National Child Traumatic Stress Network was established by Congress in 2000, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) brings a singular and comprehensive focus to childhood trauma. NCTSN’s collaboration of frontline providers, researchers, and families is committed to raising the standard of care while increasing access to services. Combining knowledge of child development, expertise in the full range of child traumatic experiences, and dedication to evidence-based practices, the NCTSN changes the course of children’s lives by changing the course of their care.

This website highlights evidence based curricula such as CARE and RESOURCE PARENT CURRICULUM, both used by the Child Welfare Training Partnership foster, kin and adoptive families training.

Foster Parent College website

This organization offers courses via internet on a wide array of topics that are beneficial to foster, kin, and adoptive families.  Topics addressed include behavioral issues, educational needs, and how to help children and youth move forward in their relationships and work toward new goals.

Upon viewing these courses, which last approximately 40 minutes on average, and answering some questions about what you’ve seen, you will receive a certificate of completion.  You can then give a copy of this certificate to your resource coordinator in order to receive training credit.

If you are interested in learning via these courses, please talk with your DCF/Family Services Resource Coordinator who can assign you FREE units to take a course.  Even if you don’t have access to a computer at home, you may be able to view these courses at your local library or at a DCF office.   You can view a comprehensive list of the courses available at

Adoption Learning Partners Website is an online offering that provides education to families that provide or hope to provide permanent homes for children/youth through adoption or permanent guardianship.

Courses are offered on a variety of topics, such as: Is It An Adoption Thing: Expert Advice on Child Development and Adoption, Adopting the Older Child, and the Tough Start Matters series which provides a thorough background on the impact that early trauma has on the brain and ways to support the children/youth in your care.

You can access these classes for FREE by contacting your local:

  • DCF/Family Services Resource Coordinator or
  • Permanency Planning Counselors (Project Family /PPC from LUND) or
  • Brenda Hamlin at VT Kin As Parents @ 802-871-5104 or

Even if you don’t have access to a computer at home, you may be able to view these courses at your local library or at a DCF office. You can view a comprehensive list of the courses available at

Vermont Foster and Adoptive Family Association Website

Vermont Foster and Adoptive Family Association’s mission is  to empower, support, and unify foster and adoptive families by strengthening the systems that care for Vermont’s children.

Vermont Kin As Parents Website

Vermont Kin as Parents is committed to support relatives who are raising children and to educate the public and community partners about the joys and difficulties these families experience.

Vermont Consortium For Adoption and Guardianship Website

The Vermont Consortium for Adoption and Guardianship is comprised of agencies and groups from around the state who have joined together for a common purpose: to support Vermont’s guardian and adoptive families.