“RPC+ TIPS for Tuning In”

A trauma- intensive workshop for foster, adoptive and kin caregivers

RPC+ TIPS for Tuning In:

is a free 10-week long workshop that educates foster, adoptive and kin caregivers about the impact of trauma on the development, attachment, relationships, emotions and behaviors of the children in their care. Instructors of the course will provide a safe space for caregivers to access compassionate training

Participants in the workshop will:

  • Learn concrete strategies to manage daily and ongoing challenges
  • Practice new skills between classes
  • Experience enhanced relationships with their children
  • Build a network of support and connections with fellow caregivers

Classes are held throughout Vermont – some classes are taught by CWTP staff, while others are taught by local area mental health clinicians. Classes are 2 ½ hours long – typically with a meal provided. Childcare and/or therapeutic groups for children are available in some areas.

RPC+ TIPS for Tuning In is the combination of two different curriculums:

  1. “Resource Parent Curriculum – Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma: A Workshop for Resource Parents” from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN)
  2. “Trauma Informed Parenting Skills (TIPS for Tuning In)” which was created by a team of professionals at the Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership and is derived from:
    • Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) ~ CARE (Child Adult Relationship Enhancement) curriculum
    • Rex Forehand’s “Helping the Non-Compliant Child” and “Parenting the Strong-Willed Child”

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Following are quotes from graduates of Vermont RPC+ TIPS for Tuning In:

Foster mom of young children: “By increasing our understanding of trauma and being positive, sometimes it takes a bit more for these traumatized children in our care. As we are reminded in this class, the more positive feedback and praise given, the more the behavior will change. Turn things around and you will be surprised on how well it really does work!  This class reminded me to look for the positive and by giving these kids more control. They will feel safe and comfortable, and will act in a more positive way. I’ve been practicing it and it works!”

Foster father of teen boys: “It’s easy for us who have not lived through trauma to forget that something innocuous can ignite the fuse to a ticking time bomb, it’s classes like this that help us defuse that bomb or help to put the pieces back after it has gone off.”

Pre-Adoptive Parent: “I thoroughly enjoyed this class, it was much better than I was expecting.  Usually I don’t go to these kinds of trainings because I think they are boring and your sitting behind a desk all day not retaining the information.  This course was not like that, it was engaging and filled with great real-life material and skills.”