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The Social Work Lens (formally known as Welcome to the Field), a podcast made for child welfare professionals and caregivers. 

The Social Work Lens focuses on child welfare topics and brings you the voices of youth, caregivers, social workers, and subject matter experts. Follow along and join the Training & Coaching Specialists at the University of Vermont’s Child Welfare Training Partnership (CWTP) as they bring you interviews on all things child welfare.

Adoption is Uncomfortable

Join host Pete Cudney and guest Nam Holtz as they explore some of the complexity of adoption and transracial adoption. Adoption is complicated, transracial adoption even more so. In this conversation Nam highlights the importance of examining some of our taken for granted assumptions, and the need to have open and sometimes uncomfortable conversations to

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Safety Culture: Why feeling connected to your colleagues matters

Last season we brought you an introduction to Safety Culture and Safety Science with Mike Cull.  Well guess who’s back? On today’s episode Cassie & Pete welcome Mike Cull and his colleague Elizabeth Riley to talk about Why Feeling Connected to your Colleagues Matters.  Mike and Elizabeth will help us explore the connection between psychological

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Leaning into Uncomfortable Conversations

What is an uncomfortable conversation and why should we have them?   Join Cassie Gillespie & Kate Cunningham as they dig into uncomfortable conversations, what happens in your body when we try to have them, and some tips to have them more effectively. Host Info: Cassie Gillespie, LICSW is the Workforce Training Team Lead at the

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SEASON 2 FINALE- Youth Voice: Stigma in Foster Care

Youth in DCF custody can feel stigmatized by the many stereotypes and common misconceptions about their experiences.  Jaylyn and Ashley were two youth in custody who are now young adults; they discuss how the assumptions made by the professionals and caregivers in their lives have impacted them, and they offer thoughts for improving relationships with

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Join Tabitha Moore as she explores critical themes in Race & Racism in Child Welfare with Dr. Ken Hardy. Over the next three weeks, Tabitha and Ken will explore critical themes in race/racism as they relate to the Child Welfare Workforce, Caregivers, and children and youth of color in the child welfare system. Please note-

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Great Partnerships Between Kin and Foster Caregivers

Kin and Foster Caregivers are the heart of Vermont’s Family Services Division. Join Janine Beaudry from VT-CWTP as she explores how strong, positive partnerships between kinship and foster caregivers can support safety and wellbeing for children and within families. You’ll hear from 3 women who, in their very different roles, worked together to give a

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Reading to Promote Healing

While there are many reasons why a family becomes involved with the child welfare system, one truth is always present, that a young person’s move away from their parent(s) causes feelings of grief and loss for everyone in that family.  In this episode Sharon O’Neill will be talking with Jamie Blouin, Stephanie Reale, and Jonathan

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Longevity in the Field

Turnover in this field is high, but some people stay for their whole career and thrive. Join Leslie Stapleton from VT- CWTP as she talks with Tracey Brown and Shannon Morton, two “thrivers” who have managed to stick it out, to find out what keeps them doing this work, despite its many challenges. Host Info:

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Consulting on Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence impacts the lives of many families. Join Pete Cudney from VT-CWTP as he chats with Family Service Worker Jess Peloquin and Domestic Violence Specialist Samantha Zellinger about utilizing consultation effectively when working to support families impacted by domestic violence, how they have developed their partnership, and some of the most common themes they

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