Support Groups for Kin, Foster, and Adoptive Families

As a kin or foster caregiver, or an adoptive parent, joining a support group can be a powerful experience that helps you gain perspectives and ideas that might work well for your family. notes that, “A support group offers a safe place where you can get information that’s practical, constructive, and helpful. You’ll have the benefit of encouragement, and you’ll learn more about coping with your problems through shared experiences. Hearing from others facing similar challenges can also make you feel less alone in your troubles.” This article goes on to offer insights into what to expect from a support group, how to help yourself consider joining if you feel nervous, and how to get the most out of being part of a group:

Below are some support group options for you. If there’s not a support group that meets your needs, talking informally with other caregivers can also offer some of the benefits of a formal group.


Kinship Care groups in Vermont:

Kinship Care groups nationwide:

Online discussion groups for kin, foster and adoptive families:


Foster Care groups in Vermont: Reach out to your DCF Resource Coordinators and Recruitment and Retention Specialists. Some districts have in-person groups and others have have online groups.

Online discussion groups for kin, foster, and adoptive families:

Foster Care groups, and how to start one, nationwide:


Adoption and Guardianship groups in Vermont: http://Adoptive and guardianship:

Online discussion groups for adoptive, kin, and foster families:

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