About This Blog

This blog is a forum for kinship, foster, and adoptive families to share with one another.  It is also a place to learn about current resources, support, educational opportunities, and topics that are relevant to your experience.

Voices at the Table was created by the Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership (VT-CWTP), a collaboration between the University of Vermont and the Vermont Department for Children and Families.  VT-CWTP develops trainings and educational opportunities for kinship and foster caregivers, youth, adoptive/birth/extended families, and those who work in child welfare.

It is our hope that this site will provide you with information that enhances your experience of parenting.

You are invited to comment on blog posts and to discuss the ideas that arise from them.

Please see the “Educational Opportunities” tab to learn about current course offerings.  Add to our Education Wish List when you think of types of educational offerings you would like to see in Vermont.

You are encouraged to use the “What’s On Your Mind?” tab to post queries and comments on issues that are pressing to you and your family, and for which you would like support and suggestions from other caregivers and parents.

Feedback is welcome regarding any aspect of this site.   Please post a comment or send an email to the site administrator, Deidra K. Razzaque, at voicesatthetable@gmail.com.


About the Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership (VT-CWTP)

The Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership offers learning opportunities for Vermont kin, foster and adoptive parents around the state in collaboration with the Vermont Department for Children and Families (DCF), Family Services Division, the Vermont Adoption Consortium, Vermont Kin As Parents (VKAP), the Vermont Foster and Adoptive Family Association (VFAFA), and other agencies.



Five Training Coordinators oversee the delivery of training to kinship, foster, and adoptive families throughout Vermont. Annually we offer approximately:

  • 50 state-wide Foundations First Steps classes,
  • 26 classroom sessions of Foundations for Kinship and Foster Care, located in all 12 Family Service districts, 26 Fostering to Forever classes,
  • 6 RPC+ classes,
  • and numerous advanced trainings and trainings done in collaboration with other agencies.

The Training Coordinators hire, train and supervise professional instructors for each course. In addition, they collaborate with DCF district staff, assess ongoing training needs and develop curricula to address these needs.

Training Coordinators: