VT-CWTP is excited to provide an enhanced foundational training program for new Family Services Workers and Resource Coordinators.


Key components of the program include:

  • Training requirements accomplished prior to assignment of a full caseload;
  • Competency-based curriculum allows for effective design, delivery and evaluation;
  • Evaluation of training design and knowledge acquisition;
  • Hybrid curriculum, combining the benefits of online, classroom and on-the-job learning;
  • Participation, feedback, and requirement completion tracked in one location.

Foundations scheduling and attendance

This course will be offered 3 times a year,

 typically Winter, Spring, and Fall. Training sessions will run from 9:00 – 4:00 daily and will capitalize on interactive, cohort-focused learning. To ensure the best cohort learning environment, staff may not join a session that is already underway. Someone hired after a session begins will be enrolled in the subsequent session.

Foundations Onboarding Guide and On-the-Job Practice

On-the-Job Practice, organized within the Foundations Onboarding Guide, allows new employees to begin structured learning while they wait for the next classroom session. Through job shadowing, observation, peer mentoring, coaching, document review and documentation practice, new employees gain insight into the role and responsibilities of child protection and youth justice work. After each classroom session, further On-the-Job Practice is supported by twice-weekly coaching sessions, to help participants transfer their classroom and online learning to work in the office and community.

Performance Evaluation and Feedback

During this training period, it is the expectation that attending and participating in training is the new employee’s “caseload”. Given this, a significant portion of the initial evaluation – the 6 month probationary period – will be based on participation in training and efforts to transfer learning into the office and community. VT-CWTP staff will provide structured feedback to the training participant and the Supervisor following completion of Foundations session. 

Q&A and News for Workforce Foundations Training
  • Spring Foundations 2024 begins Tuesday, May 28, 2024 (Monday is Memorial Day).
  • Orientation for Spring Foundations is Thursday, May 23, 2:00-3:30 via Zoom.
  • New FSWs/RCs must start at the beginning of Foundations.
  • If they miss the start date, they must wait until the next round of Foundations. They will not be able to start mid-way through Foundations.
  • In the past, when Foundations was 8 weeks long, new-hires could start mid-foundations. This is no longer an option and we will not grant exceptions.
  • New hires must attend the full Foundations program, unless they qualify for a waiver (See policy 203)
  • Fall Foundations 2024 will start September 30, 2024
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