About Us


Our Mission:

Our mission is to facilitate the professional development of caregivers and the Family Services workforce to meet the complex needs of Vermont’s children, youth and families. We aim to achieve this by:

Providing relevant, consistent, effective, and competency-based training
Facilitating transfer of learning through coaching
Supporting team development and healthy learning culture
Offering formal educational opportunities
Utilizing evaluation data to continually improve training outcomes.



Our Vision:

The Child Welfare Training Partnership’s vision is to improve safety, permanency, well-being and law abidance for
Vermont’s most vulnerable children, youth and families through a competency based training program.



  • Educational preparation and traineeship support at the BSW and MSW levels
  • In-service staff training and development for child welfare and interdisciplinary personnel
  • Planning, coordination, delivery, & evaluation of training and educational materials and activities
  • Technical assistance for program design, implementation, development, evaluation, research & policy formulation
  • Collaboration & coalition assistance building for culturally-sensitive, community-centered child and family practice
  • Training/Workshops/Institutes Policy development
  • Grant writing assistance
  • Academic and training curriculum development
  • Student engagement through placements, assignments, volunteer activities, mentoring
  • Cross training with other UVM Departments, colleges, universities and training institutes and Vermont agencies and government departments