Adoption Learning Partners Website is an online offering that provides education to families that provide or hope to provide permanent homes for children/youth through adoption or permanent guardianship.

Courses are offered on a variety of topics, such as: Is It An Adoption Thing: Expert Advice on Child Development and Adoption, Adopting the Older Child, and the Tough Start Matters series which provides a thorough background on the impact that early trauma has on the brain and ways to support the children/youth in your care.

You can access these classes for FREE by contacting your local:

  • DCF/Family Services Resource Coordinator or
  • Permanency Planning Counselors (Project Family /PPC from LUND) or
  • Brenda Hamlin at VT Kin As Parents @ 802-871-5104 or

Even if you don’t have access to a computer at home, you may be able to view these courses at your local library or at a DCF office. You can view a comprehensive list of the courses available at

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