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Making the Most of Spring Break

Most schools in Vermont will have a Spring Break week in the coming month. If you’re staying at home, you might be wondering how to entertain the kids. If you’re planning to travel, you might be wondering how to support

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Leaves On a Stream

As spring is beckoning, and streams and rivers are starting flow more freely throughout Vermont, we offer you this six-minute meditation where you place your thoughts on leaves and watch them float down a stream. May it bring you and

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Supporting Children and Youth During the Holidays

While the holiday season can be filled with joys and delight, many of us also find some aspects of the holidays stressful. Especially for children and youth with trauma histories, holidays can feel pressure-filled and bring up many confusing feelings.

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Reframing Resistance in Children and Youth

The article below, by my colleague Umesh Acharya, helps us understand how resistance in children and youth, which we often see as negative, is actually one of their strengths. Read on to learn how to work with resistance in new ways. Think about

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The Path Continues

As you enter this new year, gently consider if there are new ways of supporting yourself or your family that you’d like to try on as you continue down this path of trauma-informed parenting. Here’s a blogpost from on 10

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Free Training: Support LGBTQ Youth

There is still time to register for the virtual Lunch & Learn, on October 19th from 12:00 – 1:00 pm, through the Vermont Consortium for Adoption and Guardianship!  This month’s topic: Supporting LGBTQ Youth. This is open to ALL caregivers (adoptive, guardianship,

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